Just wanted to tell u that your strings picture is amazing It's very good art and it's about aromanticism and thats awesome :)

thank you!!

follow ur dreams little buddy 



I kept seeing that palette meme going around, but wasn’t particularly fond of all the super-high-saturation or low-value ranges. For anyone that wants to try something a little different, here you go.

Have fun, everyone!


sorry for taking so long with this! ended up super busy the last couple of days. this palette is really tough aha it has like no contrast!!
tumblr users suchfailure and aromanticnerd are saying that it's cultural appropriation for white aro ppl to reblog it

oh well… that’s something, isn’t it

that picture was made for all aro people regardless of race. it may be something that draws on my experiences as someone with east asian heritage but it was meant to be shared with anyone who has gone through the bullshit of people insisting they have soulmates. tumblr users suchfailure and aromantic nerd seem to be missing that when culture is shared, it is not appropriation. 

also, just in case, because this is tumblr: please do not harass aforementioned tumblr users because of this, cultural appropriation IS really shitty when it happens and i understand people being defensive about it 

is it ok for white aro ppl to reblog your aro strings post?


I really like your strings of fate drawing but just some constructive criticism the shadow of the arm is a little bit off and the between the fingers would have some darker areas in the shading. ( I hope I don't sound pretentious I'm just trying to be helpful I'm sorry if I bothered you)

i do appreciate your effort in giving constructive criticism, thank you. you don’t sound pretentious and it’s a valid criticism. but for future reference, cc is something that you probably shouldn’t give unless it’s asked for. i’m generally aware of what i need to work on most in my art at the moment and in any case, that drawing is six months old.

thank you so, so much for the aromantic strings art. i'm aro too, and aromantics and aro spectrum individuals have so little representation in art that seeing that post made me smile so hard and i couldn't seem to stop. thank you so much for it; you are wonderful.

i’m so glad the drawing was so impacting and that you liked it so much! :’)